Accommodation for digital nomads Croatia

Accommodation for digital nomads Croatia

Accommodation for digital nomads Croatia

Accommodation for digital nomads Croatia

Split is a beautiful town that shines as one of the most noteworthy in Croatia. The historic architecture it holds and mesmerizing beaches that litter the coastline would make anyone want to stay let alone visit. Safe to say if you wanted to enjoy a Vacation whilst get some work done, Split is an ideal place to be at.

Enjoy a leisurely stay at one of several accommodations we have to offer. Relax in one of the best towns in all of Croatia. Take a moment to appreciate inspiring historic architecture that will surely help you carry on with your work.

Choosing the right place to stay at

Choosing the right place to stay at could be challenging. A place to call “home” for a while is no easy task, but, don’t let that stop you from taking a moment to look through your options. After all, a place to stay and call your home should be an important decision to make.

Whether you want to stay with a group of friends or keep to yourself, we have all kinds of accommodations to fit your needs. Anything from extravagant Villa’s with a pool to quaint comfortable studio apartments to make your stay all the more comfortable.

After all, one of the most important choices is finding the correct and perfect place to stay during your Vacation. Don’t waste your time doing nothing, plan out your trip and inspire yourself through the journey and don’t forget to have a smile on your face throughout the journey.

LIVE & WORK remotely in Dalmatia, Split

With various countries now looking to attract digital nomads, Croatia has expanded its short-term residency permits to include travelers from outside the European Union.

Further information on the short-term residency permits to remote digital workers can be found here.


Check some of our accommodation offers:

Price: U/R€
Whether you want to rent out one studio apartment out of three or all three together. Each Studio provides free Wi-Fi, fridge, air-conditioning, microwave.

Price: U/R€
Located in the centre of Split just 300 meters from the historic Diocletian Palace. The apartment has one bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room with all the necessary things for you to stay.

Price: U/R€
This comfortable modern studio apartment offers it’s guests an enjoyable stay. The studio having an equipped kitchen wit microwave and fridge, along with offering free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning.

What to see during your stay

Accommodation for digital nomads Croatia might be the thing you are looking for. But it’s not a waste to see what Split can offer you during your stay. It’s no surprise that a town as beautiful as Split has it’s fair share of things to see. Some of the monuments might just inspire something as you gaze upon it. So don’t let the opportunity to see some if not all of the things Split can offer you.

    Most popular locations in Split

  • Statue of Grgur Ninski – Located outside of the Diocletian’s Palaces North gate. The statue depicts a Croatian bishop that opposed the Pope in that time and introduced the National language in service. There’s a famous legend about the statue that if one would rub the big bottom toe and make a wish, the wish would come true; just fair warning, you will have to wait a while for it to come true.
  • Diocletian Palace – One of the most popular and known sights in all of Split and Croatia. The palace having stood there for several centuries and over the years the people of Split have slowly adapted to living around and within the old palace. Diocletian’s palace now being both a tourist attraction and a home to others.
  • Marjan Forest Hill – Marjan has been a part of Split for centuries. The natural forest providing a recreational space even during Emperor Diocletian’s reign. The forest hill being one of the best locations to go swimming in as well, the nearby trees offering plenty of shade against the burning hot Summer sun especially. There’s also a famous legend that Marjan is a dormant volcano, evidence being that people found Sulphuric water near the base of it; which is more commonly found near Volcanos.
  • Saint Duje bell tower – One of the most notable sights inside the Diocletian Palace. Located in the very centre. This looming bell tower offers visitors a view over the entire palace, for a small fee of course. Bell tower Saint Duje is connected to the cathedral of Saint Duje as well, the Saint being the “protector” of Split and having a holiday dedicated to him.
  • Riva promenade – Split’s hub of activity. Riva has been the ideal place for locals to take their morning and afternoon walks through. The promenade offering numerous cafe’s, shops and seating arrangements under palm trees. It’s the ideal place to simply bask in the city life and possibly take a detour to explore other places like the Diocletian Palace’s basements from it.

Tours to take while staying in Split

Check our ALL INCLUDED KRKA TOUR and also our other tours

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