Best Blue Cave tour from Split

Blue Cave tour from Croatia Split

Blue Cave from Split

Best Blue Cave tour from Croatia Split



Croatia is a country that’s a popular Summer vacation spot. Filled with various adventure, explorer and boat tours. The clear blue waters offering a great holiday of careless swimming and partying during the hot days, along with being a popular spot and quite famous for the Ultra Music Festival happening each year in Split.

But after we named just some of the things Croatia is well known for you might have also heard of a couple of natural wonders such as “Krka Waterfalls“, “Plitvice Lakes” and the “Blue Cave”, which is one of the most beautiful sights you can experience. The crystal blue water practically glowing as the sunlight hits the ocean floor within the cave, refracting to illuminate it with a soft blue glow.

History of Blue Cave

“The Blue Grotto” or more commonly referred as “The Blue Cave” is one of the most popular and beautiful natural beauties in Croatia and the Adriatic sea. During the years it became the most popular attraction in Croatia, being first described and painted by “Baron Eugen von Ransonet”, having only been accessible by diving before 1884 when a small artificial entrance was made by using dynamite, large enough for small boats to fit through. The cave see’s more than 10.000 people yearly, making it one of the most populated tourist attractions in Croatia.

Nearby sights of the Blue Cave

Blue Cave from Split

Porat beach

“Blue Cave” is a beautiful sight to see but it isn’t the only interesting and gorgeous thing you will experience whilst going on a tour to the “Blue Grotto”. Explore and admire several sights such as “Porat beach”, classified as one of 7 most beautiful beaches in the world by the Irish Times in 2011. The beach being rather secluded as it is protected by pine trees, the beach also sports two restaurants and a bar where tourists can enjoy some delicious local cuisine whilst basking in the sunlight.

Island Biševo & Monk Seal Cave

Besides the “Blue Cave”, the most beautiful natural cave in Croatia and most popular. The Adriatic sea hides a hidden gem not widely known by many, the “Monk Seal Cave”. This beautiful wonder is positioned on the southern tip of “Biševo island”, just a quick ride from the “Blue Cave” with a speedboat. As most of you assumed the cave got it’s name from the now endangered Mediterranean monk seals which used to reside in the waters of the cave until the last half of the last century. The seals becoming endangered due to tearing fisherman nets in order to feast on the caught fish, making them the fishermen’s enemy number one.

The island “Biševo” is primarily made out of limestone and decorated with smaller caves all around which made it the ideal location for the Mediterranean monk seals to rest, be protected and served as a spawning ground for them. And also a benefit of visiting this hidden gem is that unlike the “Blue Cave” which is usually swarmed with tourists, the cave is rarely visited which makes it a great refreshing and calm experience. 🙂

Stiniva bay & Blue Lagoon, Budikovac

But after exploring and seeing what “Monk Seal Cave” has to offer we will explore one of the most sought over and beautiful beaches in Europe 2016. If you look up “Stiniva Beach” you will surely be taken aback as you admire the towering cliffs surrounding it. The only accessible path on reaching this hidden gem of a beach either being hiking down a steep path or renting a boat from a nearby cove.

But if you enjoy rather open and seemingly vast but beautiful beaches you surely won’t be able to look away from the “Blue Lagoon” on “Budikovac”. This gorgeous and tranquil place offers lots of fun in it’s blue crystal clear waters, located on the south-eastern side of “Vis island”, right between the island of “Budikovac” and two smaller islands “small Budikovac” and “Sanak”. Also an interesting piece of info is that “Budikovac” is frequently inhabited by only one person that owns a restaurant, animal farm and vegetable garden. 🙂

Pakleni Islands/Hell’s Islands

Don’t worry, anything but demons live on this beautiful cluster of islands. “Pakleni otoci” (Hell’s Islands) is a popular destination for people visiting “Hvar” since the islands are located just southwest on the coast of “Hvar island”. The length of the various smaller island is accumulated to roughly 10 kilometers, made out of limestone. The islands are a perfect spot for smaller boats, especially yachts, offering several private and secluded spots for swimming, underwater fishing and other water activities.

How to get to the Blue Cave

Blue Cave from Split
“Blue Cave” is located on the island of “Biševo”, which is one of the farthest islands away from the mainland. But getting to this natural wonder isn’t as easy as you might think. The winds and sea having to be quite peaceful due to the entrance of the “Blue Cave” being surrounded by rocks, not to mention to get inside the “Blue Cave” skippers of the small boats have to be precise in entering the small entrance.

But if you were thinking about which places can take you to the “Blue Cave”, do not fret because “Split” has daily trips during the summer season to the beautiful blue gem along with the island of “Vis” and a couple of other spots. But with some luck you’ll be able to visit the “Blue Cave” even during the off season when there are not many people, depending whether the sea is calm for such a trip.

Tour Itinerary

Blue Cave from Split
08:00 – Split departure from Matejuška port
10:00 – 11:00 – sightseeing of Blue Cave
11:00 – 11:30 – Arrival to Porat beach, sightseeing
11:30 – 12:00 – Surprise destination
12:00 – 12:30 – trip to Monk Seal Cave, sightseeing
13:00 – 13:30 – visiting Stiniva bay
13:30 – 14:00 – arrival to Blue lagoon, Budikovac
14:30 – 16:30 – Pakleni islands (Hell’s islands), free time (lunch, swimming, snorkeling , sunbathing)
16:45 – 18:00 – Hvar islands, sightseeing
19:00 – arrival in Split

Price: 110€/825kn

Children: 0-3 – Please, due to all day speedboat excursion we advise not to bring children under 3
5-7 years – 50% off
Inclusions: Entry tickets for Blue Cave, water, insurance, fuel and skipper, life jackets, wind jackets.
Exclusions: lunch, entrance fees for the fortress in Hvar
The minimum number of participants: 1
What to bring: towel, hat, swimsuit, sunglasses, spare clothes, camera, sunscreen, wind jacket
Important: Safety first! In case of bad weather or rough sea conditions, we hold the right to change the route or cancel the tour, for the benefit of all passengers. This decision is made by the captain. In this case, you have the right to shift the tour for some other day, or get a full refund.

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