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Accommodation for digital nomads Croatia


Accommodation for digital nomads CroatiaSplit is a beautiful town that shines as one of the most noteworthy in Croatia. The historic architecture it holds and mesmerizing beaches that litter the coastline would make anyone want to stay let alone visit. Safe to say if you wanted to enjoy a Vacation ... Read More
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Ultra Europe 2020 Accommodation Tours Transfers


Ultra Europe 2020 Accommodation Tours TransfersIMPORTANT UPDATE! As many of you already know, the pandemic that has been Plaguing the world has made travel rather difficult. Many events and gatherings having to be shut down as Coronavirus runs rampant throughout the entire world. Unfortunately Ultra Music Festival 2020 that was scheduled to ... Read More
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Blue Cave tour from Croatia Split


Blue Cave from Split Best Blue Cave tour from Croatia Split THIS IS AN OUTDATED TOUR FOR NEW AND UPDATED TOURS GO HERE Croatia is a country that’s a popular Summer vacation spot. Filled with various adventure, explorer and boat tours. The clear blue waters offering a great holiday of careless swimming and partying ... Read More
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Krka Excursions from Split town Croatia


Krka Excursions from Split town CroatiaCroatia is littered with beautiful forests and natural beauties such as Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon. One of the natural beauties being the National Park “Krka Waterfalls“. The park attracting numerous visitors for it’s calming nature and cascading waterfalls. Being a popular swimming destination during ... Read More
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Van Transfer from Split airport to Ploče


Van Transfer from Split airport to Ploče WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE ADIONA TRAVEL Van Transfer in a comfortable car from the Split Airport to the town of Ploče Excellent value for money Reliable english speaking driver New air-conditioned van ... Read More
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10 days itinerary Croatia Dalmatia Split What to do in Croatia? :)) Croatia full of life “This is my first time in Croatia” is what most tourists say when they come to our beautiful country. Most people think that Croatia is only worth visiting during the summer but the country really ... Read More
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Travel Package Ultra Europe Croatia 2023



Travel Package Ultra Europe Croatia 2023Sticky Post

Travel Package Ultra Europe Croatia 2023 It seemed like the days of being plagued by Coronavirus are long gone as the entire world faced trouble during those times. Luckily for us Ultra Europe is already fast on track with planning out their upcoming Ultra Music Festival that will be held ... Read More
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ultra europe 2023 accommodation


ULTRA EUROPE 2023 ACCOMMODATION Where to find accommodation for Ultra Europe? HERE :) It’s been a while now that the world was taken by panic as a world wide pandemic occurred. But luckily due to the measures the wide population took the news of the Covid-19 has died down, allowing us ... Read More
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Best trips Croatia week trip from Zagreb


Best trips Croatia week trip from Zagreb ZAGREB – OPATIJA – PULA – NP PLITVICE LAKES – ZADAR – TROGIR – SPLIT – DUBROVNIK Take advantage of our new and innovative Croatia tour package and visit Croatia’s most enticing areas. You will get a ... Read More
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クルカ国立公園 〜 スプリットツアー毎日出発 1985 年以来 8 カ国の国立公園の一つとして保護されているクルカ国立公園 は、ダルメシアン地域で最も魅力的な場所の一つで、非常に簡単にアクセス できます。 “スプリット町で最高のクルカツアー” 様々な道路を通り抜けクルカ国立公園へ向かう途中、息を呑むほど美しい景 色に圧倒されることでしょう。シベニクでは、資格保持者ガイド同伴のもと 世界遺産としてユネスコに登録されたセントジェームスの有名な大聖堂を見 学します。シベニクと大聖堂の見学後、ツアーはクルカ国立公園とツアーの 中心であるスクランディスキーブクと呼ばれる壮大な滝に続きます。資格保 持者ガイドは、1 時間歩きの教育コースを通って、エスノ村やヨーロッパ最古 の水力発電所のようなクルカ国立公園の歴史とその他の重要な事実を紹介し ます。その後、午後の出発時間まで、水泳、昼食、公園の探索等の自由時間 があります。帰りは、ダルメシアンの奥地を通り、景色を楽しんだり、昼寝 したりすることができます。 出発日:毎日 出発時刻:スプリット 08:40、トロギール 09:30 戻り時間:トロギール 17:30、スプリット 18:00 料金に含まれるもの:交通機関、免許証、クルカ国立公園と大聖堂の入場 券、保険、VAT (消費税) 価格: トロギールからのお一人様あたり:410 クーナ / 56 ユーロ スプリットからのお一人様あたり:440 クーナ / 60 ユーロ 追加:ランチ お一人様あたり:100,00 クーナ (魚や肉のメニュー 、スープ、グリルからのメインミール、サラダ、1 ドリ ンク Krka National Park (Croatian: Nacionalni park Krka) ... Read More
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