Ultra Europe 2020 Accommodation Tours TransfersWho’s ready for the most exciting festival in Europe. Th pumped up beat of the music bringing most of the world together for three days of partying and dancing. Listen to the beautiful mix of EDM, house and techno music in Split, the hosting town … Read More

Blue Cave from Split
Best Blue Cave tour from Croatia Split
Croatia is a country that’s a popular Summer vacation spot. Filled with various adventure, explorer and boat tours. The clear blue waters offering a great holiday of careless swimming and partying during the hot days, along with being a popular spot … Read More

Krka Excursions from Split town CroatiaCroatia is littered with beautiful forests and natural beauties such as Blue Cave and Blue Lagoon. One of the natural beauties being the National Park “Krka Waterfalls“. The park attracting numerous visitors for it’s calming nature and cascading waterfalls. Being a popular swimming destination during … Read More

Charter Gulet Gardelin 2018
Gulet Gardelin is a motor sailboat built 1999g, and was completely renovated in 2014. That vessel changed its look and became a luxury first class sailboat. Gardelin is 28m long and 6,9m wide. It has 8 cabins and each of them has a WC and shower. … Read More

Van Transfer from Split airport to Ploče
Van Transfer in a comfortable car from the Split Airport to the town of Ploče
Excellent value for money
Reliable english speaking driver
New air-conditioned van
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10 days itinerary Croatia Dalmatia Split
What to do in Croatia? :))
Croatia full of life
“This is my first time in Croatia” is what most tourists say when they come to our beautiful country. Most people think that Croatia is only worth visiting during the summer but the country really … Read More

Travel Package Ultra Europe Croatia 2020
Travel Package Ultra Europe Croatia 2020
Ultra Europe is Europe’s infamous electronic music festival, attracting the biggest names in EDM, house and techno music to Split each summer.
Held inside the city’s historical Park Mladeži, Ultra has become famed for its incredible, high-energy shows, filled with … Read More

Where to find accommodation for Ultra Europe? HERE :))
10-12 July 2020
Park Mladeži
Split, Croatia
Ultra Europe has become one of, if not the largest EDM and house music festival on the continent. Bringing it all together on the lush Adriatic coast of the Croatian town of Split, the … Read More

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クルカ国立公園 〜 スプリットツアー毎日出発
1985 年以来 8 カ国の国立公園の一つとして保護されているクルカ国立公園 は、ダルメシアン地域で最も魅力的な場所の一つで、非常に簡単にアクセス できます。
様々な道路を通り抜けクルカ国立公園へ向かう途中、息を呑むほど美しい景 色に圧倒されることでしょう。シベニクでは、資格保持者ガイド同伴のもと 世界遺産としてユネスコに登録されたセントジェームスの有名な大聖堂を見 学します。シベニクと大聖堂の見学後、ツアーはクルカ国立公園とツアーの 中心であるスクランディスキーブクと呼ばれる壮大な滝に続きます。資格保 持者ガイドは、1 時間歩きの教育コースを通って、エスノ村やヨーロッパ最古 の水力発電所のようなクルカ国立公園の歴史とその他の重要な事実を紹介し ます。その後、午後の出発時間まで、水泳、昼食、公園の探索等の自由時間 があります。帰りは、ダルメシアンの奥地を通り、景色を楽しんだり、昼寝 したりすることができます。
出発日:毎日 出発時刻:スプリット 08:40、トロギール 09:30
戻り時間:トロギール 17:30、スプリット 18:00
券、保険、VAT (消費税)
価格: トロギールからのお一人様あたり:410 クーナ / 56 ユーロ
スプリットからのお一人様あたり:440 クーナ / 60 ユーロ
追加:ランチ お一人様あたり:100,00 クーナ
(魚や肉のメニュー 、スープ、グリルからのメインミール、サラダ、1 ドリ ンク
Krka National Park (Croatian: Nacionalni park Krka) … Read More

プリトヴィツェ湖群国立公園 〜 スプリットツアー
プリトヴィツェ湖群国立公園 〜 スプリットツアー
このツアーは、1979 年にユネスコ世界自然遺産として登録された最も美しい ヨーロッパの公園をご案内いたします。 プリトヴィツェ湖群国立公園で 16 の 湖が生まれ、素晴らしいトラバーチンの滝でつながっています。国立公園に は 29685 ヘクタールの湖があり、湖は 200 ヘクタールに及んでおり、森林は 公園の残りの部分を覆っています。魅力の一つは、落差 78 メートルあるクロ アチアで最も高いベリキスラップ滝です。ガイド付きで木道を歩くだけでな く、コジャックと呼ばれる最大の湖をボートを走らせて渡ったり、電車に乗 る事ができます。リカ地方、山岳地帯、森林景観をドライブし、印象的なツ アーを味うことができるでしょう。
出発日:月曜日/水曜日/金曜日 出発時刻:スプリット 07:00、トロギール 07:30 戻り時間:トロギール 19:00、スプリット 19:30 料金に含まれるもの:交通機関、免許証、国立公園への入場券、保険、VAT (消費税) 価格:トロギール からのお一人様あたり:610 クーナ / 84 ユーロ スプリットからのお一人様あたり:640 クーナ / 88 ユーロ
Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of the oldest and the largest national park in Croatia. In 1979, Plitvice Lakes National Park was added to the UNESCO World … Read More

クロアチア ツアー Top tours in Croatia
What should we do while on holidays in Croatia?. There are so many ways to experience the magic of Croatia. Meander the warrens of centuries-old cobbled streets, discovering UNESCO sites as you go. Spend a day or maybe weeks mesmerised by the turquoise waters … Read More

Best Party Places Croatia Dalmatia Split
Croatia is a great place to party, with plenty clubs and secret hideaways harboring some immense parties you’re likely to find anywhere. Think about it – days spent lazing in the sun, chilling on a yacht, diving, water sports, checking out the sights, … Read More

Rural tourism Croatia Dalmatia
Rural tourism focuses on actively participating in a rural lifestyle. It can be a variant of ecotourism. Many rural villages can facilitate tourism because many villagers are hospitable and eager to welcome visitors.
Croatia is most famous for its Adriatic coast, high temperatures, warm waters and … Read More

Cheap accommodation Split Dalmatia
To find your Split hotel ,hostel, Apartments in Croatia please contact us or search by Split Accommodation type on our site. We have more then 300 apartments in Split and other accommodation in split old town, around popular beaches in Split and near … Read More

Yacht-Rent – Yacht Charter Croatia is a place for those who would like to sail, explore and enjoy the beautiful Croatian coast and islands. Here you can find and book all yachts that can be found in Croatia’s charter offer. Covering the regions of Istria, North Adriatic, Dalmatia and … Read More

Croatia Dalmatia Split Best Campsites
Croatia is known for its long tradition as a Mediterranean Eden for camping enthusiasts.
Camping tourism in Croatia is very well developed and widespread, and Croatian campsites
are particular because of their ubication on attractive and extremely well-preserved
natural locations, most often very close to the sea.
Grades … Read More