HIKING- Omiš Hiking and Mosor hiking

HIKING Omiš Hiking Mosor hiking tour

The best way to explore and experience the natural beauty of the country you are visiting is on foot. Hiking is eco friendly way to enjoy natural beauty of the Croatia without disturbing wildlife. Tours are adapted for all ages and levels of experience.

HIKING Omiš Hiking Mosor hiking tour
If you are looking for peace and tranquility far from the maddening crowd this tour is for you. Relax in the fresh mountain air in unspoiled nature with stunning view of Split and Dalmatian islands. Mosor mountain is situated 30 minutes from the Split center and with it hills and towering peaks challenges you to explore and discover all it has to offer. In between its rocky slopes and magnificent views everybody will meet their own challenge. Set your goals and take the adventure of the lifetime.

 Sitno Gornje – Mountain lodge – Viewpoint – Sitno Gornje
 Trail lenght: 7 km
 Level: easy
 Duration: 5- 6 h
 Price: 37 euro + transfer
 Minimum number of pax: 4
 Recommendation: comfortable clothes preferably long pants and T-shirts with long sleeves, appropriate footwear hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, refreshing drink (minimum 1,5 l)

Price includes: Education on safety of hiking in the mountains, licensed guide, insurance, dinner

Landscape of Omiš with its wonderfull features is a crown jewel in Croatia with preserved environment, long sandy beaches and overwhelming Cetina canyon. The historic city centar is situated on the eastern bank of the river Cetina. At the river mouth are the remains of the ancient fortress ¨Oneum¨. In the past Omiš was well know by the Corsairs of Almissa whose Sagittas brought fame to them because they were built for attack and fast retrieval into the mouth of the Cetina River, protecting the town from foreign invaders . You would be able to enjoy the view from one of the two fortresses still standing above Omiš ¨Fortica¨

 Level: easy
 Duration: 3-4 hours
 Price per person: 45 euro + transfer
 Minimun number of pax : 4
 Recommendation: bring comfortable clothes preferably long pants and appropriate footwear for hiking, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, refreshing drink (minimum 1,5 l)

Price includes : guide, insurance

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HIKING Omiš Hiking Mosor hiking tour

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